Berkey Earth™ DE Filtration Unit

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The Berkey Earth™ DE (diatomaceous earth) unit is a cost effective filtration unit.  To compare, the Black Berkey units are purification units.  Each unit is sold separately (not in a two pack), and provides peace of mind for up to 3 full years before replacement.

The Berkey Earth™ DE unit works in any standard Berkey casing, and so it comes in both the 7″ and 9″ sizes.  The 7″ is slower and is a great fit for an individual, whereas the 9″ gives faster output.  The value of Diatomaceous Earth has been proven time and again through centuries-old organic farming methods.  These filters contain special reduction capabilities, making it the most powerful filtration unit on the market, far outpacing ceramic filtration elements.  The Berkey Earth™ Filter Elements can be used as a less expensive yet more powerful replacement element for most other brands of gravity fed water filter systems from 1.5 gallons and larger.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a fossil substance, made up of very small silicon shells left by a type of once-celled algae numbering in the tillions called diatoms.  There are over 1500 uses for DE today, including filtering agents for water and milk, toothpaste abrasive, thermal insulators, mechanical insecticides, liquid absorbents, farming methods, health supplements, and more.
The Berkey Earth™Filter Element tested up to Log 3 removal, that’s 99.9%, for the following potential chemical contaminants: Volatile Organic Contaminants, Semi-Volatile Organic Contaminants, Heavy Metals (at both low and high PH levels), Pesticides, Chlorides (including Chloramine & Fluoride), Herbicides,Pharmaceuticals and Petroleum based Products.
The Berkey Earth™Filter Element has been successfully tested for reduction of the following biological contaminants: Bacillus atrophaeus virus, Coliform Bacteria & Fecal Coliform bacteria, E-coli bacteria and the Salmonella bacteria.  There is still further testing being conducted, as this is not a complete list!

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