Canning on Glass Top

canning on glass top

The official word on the street about canning on glass top has always been “No! Don’t do it!”

But times are a’changin’.  Yay for that, because so many of us avid canners buy homes where the stove is included, and now we have to live with it.  Who can afford to run out and buy all new appliances with every move?  Okay, some people.  But not THIS some people.

True confession: Pantry Paratus has been telling people not to use glass top stoves for canning since we started selling the All American pressure canner in 2011.  But with our family’s last move into a house with a glass top stove, I have been breaking the rule.  I was waiting for the ceiling to cave in or the stove shatter or the canner to explode, but….nothing.

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As of January 1st, All American has officially made the statement that you can use your pressure canner on glass top, if you follow these conditions:


#1:  Only use All American models 910, 915, 921, and 925. 

   After that, the combined weight of the canner and liquid make it too heavy.

#2: Newer glass top stoves.

The company specified “newer glass top stoves” but that you still need to check your stove’s manufacturer specifications for weight thresholds.  All American’s customer support once expressed to me that the canner weight had much to do with their previous warnings.

The National Center for Home Food Preservation also says to check with your stove’s manufacturer–not just because of the canner’s weight, but also because of the heating style of your stove–some stoves shut heat off when they get “too hot,” which, as Sharon from SimplyCanning mentioned to me, would not be ideal in the midst of your canning load!

#3: Don’t slide the canner.

You can scratch the top of your glass top stove.  But then again, you really shouldn’t slide any cookware on them.

After extensive testing, it is now okay to say it–you can use your smaller- to medium- sized pressure canners on your glass top stove!

#4: Make sure you buy from a reputable, authorized dealer!

The manufacturer has changed its dealer’s terms, and this can impact you.  If you buy from someone who is not in good standing with the company, your ability to get further customer service is compromised. If you see a deal “too good to be true” on pricing, it may be out of line with the dealership agreement and you may not receive your canner at all.

3 thoughts on “Canning on Glass Top

  1. I now have a glass top stove, after having a wonderful gas top stove for years. I kept all of my All American canners and purchased a Presto for canning on the glass top. My saving grace is that I am a live- in nanny and the family I work for has a gas stove in the main part of the house and so I use my All Americans to can on it when they are on vacation. So I freeze my meats and when they are gone, can with 2 or 3 cans a time. I love both my All Americans and my presto.

  2. I am reading your post while my 22qt Presto is chattering away on my glass stove top. Haha never had a problem yet!

  3. I have been using a steam canner on my glass-top stove for over 15 years without a problem. Th advantage of a steam canner is that it does not have the weight of all the water, it is quicker to get up to temperature – just easier all round.

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